Thursday, June 27, 2013

Email Encryption With RSA Algorithm & 4096 Keysize

In this video demonstration I am explaining why we need email encryption.

There are couple of reason behind this like
1. Many countries spy on telecommunication and web communications in order to find some suspicious activity. No one can say no as we have already many informers who have leaked government secret data in which government's polices are clearly visible to everyone.

2. There are some strange IT laws in some countries. Eg. one country has IT law that if there is any email lying in our account more than 1000 day then they has a direct ability to check that email to find something juicy. No need follow standard procedure or pass legal document to see email. So many techies keep their whole backup in their gmail so it will be unfair to them to spy on them.

3.MIMA - Man in the middle attack. No matter in what age we are this attack will be there for ever. You will never know how a person is sitting between you and you endpoint reading your all emails and having fun !! :(

So that inspired me to create an interactive video demostration for end to end email encryption video with encryption algorithm and key size.

Here it is. Like it share it if you like then.

Thank you.

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