Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinterest Starters

What is Pinterest?
-> It is same like your stitch board. This is virtual stitch board. It allows to organize and share beautiful things. That we find on internet. People can create their own pin-boards in which they plan their weddings, decorate their homes and organize their favorite recipes. Also much more can be done with the help of Pinterest.
-> we can surf pin-boards created by different peoples.
It gives fun with information and knowledge.

iFrame Injection

As we all know that the iFrame and Script are the HTML tags. But Now a days hackers are using iFrame and its internal attributes like Height Width and Frame border more. Typically iFrame allows a developer to embed the content of one page to the another page. Calling one page's content to other page and showing there. Means A developer can call multiple page's content to show all in one page.

But the cyber criminals has found the exploit this functionality in order to run their malicious code to the client side.Hackers are using more iFrames as well as the Script command to execute java scripts as well as other malicious scripts to the client side through their websites. This type of attack is also called as Drive-By Attack. This type of attack is allowing hackers to run their code invisibly as well as silently.

Know More about iFrame for HTML5 -



Information Gathering With WhatWeb Tool - Linux

This tool is bascially created for the website fingerprinting.It identifies the web technology and giving us the below details.This tool has more than 900 plugins to identify each and every information about the website in which you want to do fingerprinting. THis tools also supports the aggression level of the website. To control speed and reliability. 

Generally when you visit a website or a single page you can get much information about the site and much more. But sometimes it when you don't get any information then this WhatWeb comes in the pictures. It has an ability to interrogate the website in detail,in order to take out the further information of the website, server and much more.

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Terminal Magic - Histroy Command

This video is created for IT folks and IT ninjas who are beginner to linux terminal. Here I have make this video for all those people who want to get the best knowledge of HISTORY command. I have made this video in such way that you will get how to use history command in various ways to reduce the time complexity and getting the effective result in no time.

Robocode With Video Tutorial

Robocode is a programming game where the goal is to develop a robot battle tank to battle against other tanks in Java or .NET. The robot battles are running in real-time and on-screen.The motto of Robocode is: Build the best, destroy the rest! Besides being a programming game, Robocode is used for learning how to program, primarily in the Java language, but other languages like C# and Scala are becoming popular as well.
Schools and universities are using Robocode as part of teaching how to program, but also for studying artificial intelligence (AI). The concept of Robocode is easy to understand, and a fun way to learn how to program.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Interactive Presentation

Exploiting SQL Injection "Attack"

Hi Geeks,Lets start with the tutorial.Before starting I am dam sure that most of you didn’t understood the question.

Exploiting the SQL injection Attack

Meaning :- This shows that how we can exploit SQL injction “Attack”.I am not going to show you that how one can attack a website with “SQL Injection Attack.”But here I specified “Attack” word in the title.Which shows that we are attacking the SQL injection “Attack”means We are going to protect our website by being attacked from the hackers,who are attacking our site with SQL injection.So here I want to show you that how we can do secure coding.

Doxing - A Technique To Trace

Report - Digging Deep Into Anonymity World

Eat yourself up before someone else eats you. Proving this adage right we have done this rough research on being anonymous online. I doubt anyone can be more silent than this. Read out to find out. 

Presentation : How To Remain Anonymous Online

Eat yourself up before someone else eats you. Proving this adage right we have done this rough research on being anonymous online. I doubt anyone can be more silent than this. Read out to find out. 



Presentation : Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Presentation : Long Tail Threats

This presentation will help you to understand how we can prevent our organization from being attacked.

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