Sunday, May 25, 2014

Packed File Forensics With PEextract Tool

Python is the only language which provides a better interface for the analysts who are working in forensics departments. It is a high level language. The analyst can write scripts in order to examine the different evidence. In the past many analysts have written open-source scripts which got rapidly used by the world in forensic investigation. For example, volatility tool for the memory forensics analysis, GRR, which is a rapid incident response framework, libppf, which is a helpful tool to access the personal files and folders. This paper will provide you the introduction to different areas of forensics in which python is used as a scripting language. Then I will develop an artefact in which I will create a python tool which will be used in forensics to analyse PE file format which is known as portable executable file attributes. Quickly generate using Python to further examine the evidence.